Welcome to the Josswest website. We invite you to browse through our library of Existing Designs or visit Design Online, where you can create a personalized cue design.

For some interesting information about the game itself visit our Pool page.  It contains profiles of famous players I have known whose style, technique, and personalities have greatly contributed to the history of pool as we know it.  I have also included a one-pocket section devoted to professional instruction in shot selection and strategy.  We encourage your contributions to our ongoing examination of one-pocket. 

For the latest information at Josswest and the newest designs, visit the Cues page. If you have a Josswest cue on order it is here that you will be able to view the work in progressFinally, to learn more about cuemaking at Josswest, and me personally, visit the history page.

As in the game of pool, use the cue and the cue ball to navigate the website. Thanks and enjoy your time at Josswest—play the best.





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