Here are the latest changes that have been made to the site:

Here are some enhancements to the site that are currently under development:

  • Ability to make a deposit on your custom cue over a secure server
  • A page describing the technology behind

We would like your feedback on our site and these planned features.  Please help us create the best experience for you by filling out the comments form.



The World Championship Cuemakers Show & Tournament page has been posted. Go to it a few times a week for new pictures of Josswest cues that are going to be at the show.


Ok.  The site has undergone a design change for the better.  As always, send me your comments and suggestions.  I also improved the DesignOnline section: you can now edit your cue and many subtle changes have been made.  Tomorrow I leave for the 1998 Professional Active Server Pages Conference, so I will not be able to respond to any e-mails or change the site until next week.  Thanks!


We have added a message board to the site!  Check it out here!


The Site Rack page has been added to the site.  More will be added to the page soon.  Another cue has been sold and one more added to the Available Cues page.


One of the cues on the Available Cues page has been sold and more parts have been added to the Design Online section.


Another cue has been added to the Available Cues page.


Another cue has been added to the Available Cues page.


When you are on a subsection (Cues, History, Pool) of the site, links to its main pages will be on the shaft of the cue.


For those of you interested in playing around with the system, the Design Online section has been redesigned so you only have to enter your name and e-mail address to design a custom cue.  If you are interested in having this cue made, all you have to do is hit the submit button and fill in the rest of the contact information.  As always, if you have any comments or error messages to report, just e-mail me.


A cue has been added to the Available Cues page, expect more soon.


Dynamic cue pricing has been added to the Design Online section.  If you encounter any errors please e-mail me at  To see the final price of your cue, put your mouse over the "submit" button once you are done with your design.


Added contact Josswest page.


Added more shots to the one-pocket section.  You can view the details of any bank shot by clicking  on the arrow to the right of it.  Also, in the break shot section, moving your mouse over the English/Speed image will show you the results of the break.