Josswest is located in The Lakeway Villiage Center about 30 miles west of Austin, Texas. This is one of the nicest areas of Texas and combines the hill country and the lake areas.


As you enter Josswest you see a small entry area with the pool table to your left. This table is a 1960 model Gold Crown with very tight pockets. I am only the second owner of this table and now have the table covered with Simonis 860. This is the same type of table that I grew up playing on in Dallas. I never have been able to run all 15 balls in one pocket during a game of one-pocket, but have managed a run of 14.


Straight ahead is the main studio where all the construction and finishing of cues is done. We have a very modern facility utilizing the latest in technology and machinery. It is well lit and kept clean and orderly as befits a high quality workspace. Many of the machines come from Germany and are of superior quality and precision.

     None of these machines are single purpose machines as is common in other cue shops, rather each machine is capable of a variety of tasks. This versatility allows for fewer but better machines and permits instantaneous changes in design and manufacture. I designed several of the machines and had them custom built to my specifications.

     The first machine on the right is a 9000 Lb. CNC bed mill.  I designed this machine from the ground up just to work on cues. It is probably the heaviest and most solid machine in the cuemaking industry.

     The Lakeway Village is a very nice area of small but interesting business, cafes and stores. We are located at the very back of the center down a tree  lined stone walkway. In the early morning we often see Texas whitetail deer in  the garden having a quick breakfast