maxim1Ball-Busters  These luxury pool cues will help you get in touch with your inner shark.

There are many, many ways to blow five or 10 grand, but few are quite as satisfying as a decadently handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pool cue, like these softly speaking big sticks from Custom Collectible Cues, Ltd. in Elgin, Illinois (847-614-0061). If you can come up with the scratch, bust your last ugly stick over your knee and make the move to eightball's seventh heaven ... You'll never roll a cue across a table to check for warpage again.

Purpleheart wood base inlaid with ebony, ivory, and silver. Artist: Bill Stroud for Josswest ($5,995)

Ebony base with ivory and snakewood inlays. Artist: Bill Stroud for Josswest ($3,000)

chalkEbony base with gold and ivory inlays and Buckeye burlwood faux cigars commemorating 1992's 25th anniversary of Cohiba. Artist: Bill Stroud for Josswest ($25,000)

Ebony base, lizard-wrapped handle, and inlays of ivory and gold. Artist: Bill Schick ($12,500)

Mexican rosewood base inlaid with ivory and Amboyna burl. Artist: Dave Kikel ($5,800)